Sensitive to God's Leading

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In this Insight for Living video clip, Chuck Swindoll, author, radio broadcaster and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX, encourages believers to make themselves ready to share their faith.

When we are sensitive to God's leading and make ourselves available, He will present us with opportunities to share the gospel. Not only will we take part in the Great Commission, but our days will be filled with anticipation and adventure.

Read Acts 8:26-40. List three or four things about Philip's approach to sharing the gospel that you can apply to your life.
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Specifically, when, where, and how often will you pray for opportunity to share the gospel? How will you make yourself available?
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Think of a few people in your circle of influence who do not know the Lord. Spend some time praying for them by name and ask God to provide you with good opportunity to share your faith with them. Write their names here and pray for opportunities to share.
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