Teaching Students the Power of Influence

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If you asked your students why they come to youth group, what would they say? Brian Summerall talks to youth leaders about how to inspire students to make an impact in their world.  Brian has been on staff at Young Life for over 25 years and is the Director of Ministry Strategy. He travels the country training staff and volunteers to reach more students in existing ministries.  

Brian talked about how he inspires students about the power of their influence by asking three questions.
  1. How did you hear about this group?
  2. Why did you come?
  3. What was it like?

Brian said that all of the stories talk about being invited by someone else. Think about the students in your group. How do you think they would answer?
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What stories will people tell about the students in your group? Do they talk about the great parties, cool kids, edgy music, fun retreats ... lives transformed? How can you use this exercise to inspire your students?
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Think of any students who have dropped out of your group. Who can you encourage to reach out to them and invite them back?
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Think of the the students who have graduated out of your group. Who made an intentional impact on the lives of others? How? Consider writing or calling those you just listed to tell them what a difference they've made in the lives of others.
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Everything leaves behind some evidence of its existence. 

The work you are doing with students will impact future generations for Christ! And your students can change eternity by simply walking up to a table, giving their phone number, or offering a ride.

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