Guarding Against Legalism

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How do we guard against legalism while living radically? David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama and best-selling author of Radical talks about staying away from trying to earn favor from God as we strive to live in radical obedience.

David explained that the essence of the gospel: "The gospel that saves us from work, saves us "to work"." What do you think of that statement? What does it mean in your life?
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Read Galatians 3. Examine your own life and obedience. Do you feel that you have to earn God's favor? Why?
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How/where are you tempted to work in your own strength? What in Galatians 3 encourages you to rest in Christ and his work in you?
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What would it look like for you to let Christ work in and through you, as David was talking about? What can you do this week?
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The radical life begins with a radical death … a death to ourselves and every attempt to earn the favor of God. We can do nothing before him to earn his favor and Christ has done everything for us. 

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