Making Disciples is a Church Priority

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Where should making disciples fit in terms of the church's priorities? David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama and best-selling author of Radical discusses the place of disciple-making on the local church's list of priorities.

David said that the ultimate priority of the church is glorifying God. It's what we do on a daily basis. It comes through song, worship, praise and obedience and that's where disciple-making comes in. What are the priorities of your local church?
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David challenged every church to ask, "How can we most effectively make disciples of all nations?" What does that look like in your church? What is working? What needs to change?
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Think of the different programs in your church. Are they all done with the "lens of disciple-making"? Are there any programs that need to go away to make room for those that will make grow people in their faith and launch them into the world to make an impact for Christ?
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Disciple-making takes place multiple times every week in multiple locations by an army of men and women sharing, showing and teaching the Word of Christ and together serving a world in need of Christ. 

(Excerpt from Radical Copyright  2010 by David Platt. Multnomah Books)

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