Is the Call to Discipleship Only for Mature Christians?

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Is the call to discipleship only for mature Christians? What is our role? David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama and best-selling author of Radical talks about how, from the very beginning, every disciple of Christ is called to radically follow Christ and make more disciples of Christ.

Read Matthew 4:18–22. How does the obedience of Peter, Andrew, James and John inspire or encourage you?
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David said that the essence of discipleship was "abandonment for the glory of Christ." What does that look like in your life? Have you been radically transformed?
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Think of the people around you. Who will you intentionally, systematically, and patiently walk beside and impact for Christ? How can you make disciples?
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According to Jesus, people are God's method for winning the world to himself. People who have been radically transformed by Jesus. People who are not sidelined to sit in a chair on Sundays while they watch professionals take care of ministry for them. People who are equipped on Sundays to participate in ministry every day of the week. People who are fit and free to do precisely what Jesus did and what Jesus told us to do. Make disciples.  

(Excerpt from Radical Copyright  2010 by David Platt. Multnomah Books)

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