What's New in Mentoring?

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Traditional mentoring programs, effective for many years, now typically lose 80% of their young women in the first six months. Dr. Barbara Neumann will explore new methods for meeting the needs of postmodern women. Barbara is an adjunct professor in the Christian Education Dept. at Dallas Theological Seminary, a former BSF Teaching Leader and co-author of a book on mentoring.

Each generation is called to pass along their faith to the next! Barbara Neumann emphasized the importance of relationship building in effective mentoring, rather than a strict program-based model.  She gave several suggestions for mentoring to be successful:
  • Allow them to choose their own mentor
  • Drop schedules
  • Interact with multiple mentors
  • Allow them to choose what to talk about

Do you have a mentoring "program" at your church? What seems to be working? What does not?
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In your experience of mentoring or being mentored, how did you build relationships?
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What will you take away from Barbara's suggestions as you influence others?
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There is a generation open to mentoring who need the godly influence of older or more mature women!