How to Make Your Teaching Memorable

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Lecturing is not all there is to teaching. People learn differently. Dr. Sue Edwards talks about ways to complement your teaching and engage your students of any age. Sue is an Associate Professor of Christian Education at Dallas Theological Seminary and has 40 years of experience as a Bible teacher. She is the co-author of four leadership books and a Bible study series. 

What is your teaching style? What works? Are you struggling to make your teaching points stick with your students? Why do you think that is?
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Sue talked about ways to complement your lecture:
  • Dress up
  • Use artists
  • Use sound
  • Use film clips
  • Use reflective pause

Sue made a very good point in using teaching illustrations that incorporate the senses as well as bringing in others. Have you used any of these methods? What worked? What did not?
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Take a moment to think about the age and gender of those you teach. Which ideas could you incorporate in your teaching style?
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To battle low enthusiasm and dwindling attendance, one clever youth pastor decided to hire a mascot. Take a look at the excitement!

Ok, not everything you do will be a success. But you have to admit, those students were paying attention!

Sue also gave some ideas how to engage your students:
  • Have them do something
  • Case studies
  • Drama
  • Use technology
  • Use music 

Sue gave some great and specific ideas in each area. Which of these ideas spark an idea for your next Bible study? Which will work in your context?
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There are so many ways to engage learners of all ages today. Find ways to enhance your teaching in order to help women, men, youth or children participate in the lesson and better wrestle with the subject matter. Then, they will be more likely to remember your teaching and apply it in their lives.