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In this Insight for Living video clip, Chuck Swindoll, author, radio broadcaster and Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX, shares the benefits of personalizing what he reads in Scripture.

Take a moment to read John 14:1–4 and John 15:9–17. Make sure you personalize the text as you read, just as though Jesus were standing in front of you saying these words directly to you.

How does that influence your understanding of the passage?
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Chuck mentioned that amplifying and personalizing helps him "worship and praise the one that loved us enough to communicate with us through His Word." How does looking at the Bible as God's love letter to you change how you feel about it, or how often you'll read it?
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People sometimes say that they just wish God would audibly talk to them, or write out His will for their life on the wall. But God has spoken to us, in His Word and through the life of His Son, Jesus. 

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