Business Leaders are Front Line Ministers

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Marketplace leaders have the opportunity during the week to impact people around them who may never step through the doors of the church.

In the following video, Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft, and other employees describe the rich history and faith culture of Correct Craft.

The Christians working at Correct Craft are on the front line of ministry as they strive to live in such a manner that other employees, who may never go to church, come to Christ. 

Durwood Snead, Pastor at North Point Church in Atlanta, uses his 26 years of business experience to talk about the important role that pastors have in encouraging and equipping people in the business world to make an impact.

Durwood worked for over 25 years in the marketplace before he started in professional ministry, so he understand how much impact a business leader has every day of the week. How are you equipping and empowering people to live out their calling in the marketplace?
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How are you intentionally meeting and influencing those who may never go to church?
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Do you know any stories of impact for Christ that business people are making in their sphere of influence? How can you highlight those and inspire others to consider how they can make an impact for Christ in the marketplace?
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The people you lead can reach so many more during the week, outside the walls of the church, when they are equipped and unleashed. Help them understand that they are the front line ministers in their sphere of influence.

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