What is Family Ministry?

2010 D6 Conference

In this 41 minute session from the 2010 D6 Conference, Brian Haynes, author and creator of Legacy Milestones, talks about what family ministry looks like at his church, outlines the seven milestone steps that they celebrate, and shares the instruction that goes with each milestone.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

One of the questions Brian asked was "What is the strategy to make disciples look like at your church? Do you do discipleship and family ministry separate?" How would you answer that for your church? Why is it important to see discipleship and family ministry as parts of the same process?
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Brian shared the 7 milestones that they go through at his church. They are:

  • Milestone 1 - Parent/Baby Dedication
  • Milestone 2 - Faith Commitment
  • Milestone 3 - Preparing for Adolescence
  • Milestone 4 - Purity for Life
  • Milestone 5 - Right of Passage (teach doctrine)
  • Milestone 6 - High School Graduation (teach apologetics)
  • Milestone 7 - Life in Christ

Brian mentioned that what works at his church won't necessarily work at yours. What is your church currently doing in regards to these seven milestones? What areas do you celebrate and teach well, and which areas do you need to give some attention to?
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What milestones do you think you should celebrate and instruct toward at your church? What would you add or subtract from Brian's list of seven? And why?
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Brian noted the importance of teaching children—and their parents—sound doctrine and apologetics. How do you accomplish this in your church today? Is this an area that you could improve upon? If so, how?
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Brian mentioned three things he wanted all parents to do:

  1. Have faith talks. 
  2. Capture God moments. 
  3. Celebrate the goodness of God in the growth of your child.

Personally, how are you doing in these three areas? Brian mentioned that we can't expect people in the church to do it if we, the leaders of the church, are not.
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What can you do to encourage parents in your church to grow in these three areas? What resources can you equip them with? What celebrations can you host?
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Brian closed by stressing the importance of holding "the hand of the King while you hold the hand of the next generation." Pray that God gives you wisdom as you seek to help parents disciple their children well.

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