Grace-Based Parenting

2011 D6 Conference

In this 22 minute session from the 2011 D6 Conference, Tim Kimmel, author and President and CEO of Family Matters, talks about the importance of grounding your family ministry on God's grace.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

Tim talked about 3 different kinds of thinkers:

  • Philosophical - looks at the bigger picture.
  • Strategical - gets tools and people together. 
  • Tactical - follows directions well.

When it comes to family ministry and a plan for the parents in your church, how are you doing at balancing these 3 areas. Do you have a clear "big picture" plan? Do you have the tools to execute that plan? Have you communicated that plan to your people? What's working, and what might need to change?
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Tim summarized grace-based parenting as "treating your kids the way God treats you." That's it's more than behavioral modification and sin management. What does grace-based parenting really look like? How can you inspire the families in your congregation to parent from grace instead of fear, performance, behavior, or knowledge?
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Take a moment to log onto and look over the house model. Tim briefly talked about the four levels based on God's grace:

  1. Inner Needs - secure Love, significant purpose, strong hope
  2. Freedoms - to be different, to be vulnerable, to be candid, to make mistakes
  3. Character - faith, integrity, poise, disciplines, endurance, courage.
  4. Greatness - humble heart, grateful heart, generous heart, servant's heart

How can this model impact your goal in your family ministry?
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Tim said, "It's not thy Word have I hid in my head, but thy Word have I hid in my heart." The true goal of parenting is reaching our children's hearts. Take some time to go before God in prayer. Ask for his wisdom and guidance as you lead your congregation toward being parents that lead by example and point their children to God.

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