Getting the Most Out of Your Customizable Training Library

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Church leaders have the tremendous opportunity and responsibility to send people out into the world as missionaries in the workplace, in their neighborhoods and in their homes. This Customizable Training Library can help you build into staff and leaders to carry out the mission of the church. 

It's a valuable tool that allows you to be more involved in the discipleship of your staff and volunteer leaders, where they can stay connected to you and have the confidence to lead with passion.   

Think of the people you are growing in leadership. With hundreds of pre-built posts and thousands of videos, you can find the content you need to encourage, disciple and train them for specifically where they serve...inside and outside the walls of the church. 

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Whether it’s making edits to a pre-made training post, using the available content to design your own post, or simply uploading your own curriculum, RightNow Media’s Customizable Training Library can be customized to fit the mission of your church.

The teaching, real-life stories, and funny or cinematic video illustrations are engaging, inspirational, and produced at a very high quality. Customize and combine with your own teaching for even more specifics for your team! Are you getting inspired about how you can teach and train staff and leaders? 

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The goal of customizable training is to enhance the personal one-on-one connection you have with your volunteer leaders, not replace it. One of the ways to keep a personal connection with your leaders is that you have instant feedback. 

Everything about the Customizable Training Library is designed to help you invest more effectively in your staff and volunteer leaders. Now you can train your youth leaders, Bible study teachers, women’s or men’s ministry leaders and volunteer leaders with content that’s meaningful and customized just for them.

It's time to get started. You can do it! This Customizable Training Library can help.