Seasons of Change

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Leadership Network's Turning Points online experience includes 32 brilliant women sharing their stories of success and moments of failure as they faced the turning points in their own lives.  In this 6-minute video from the 2011 Turning Points experience, Christine Caine, international speaker, anti-trafficking advocate and author of Undaunted, talks about going through the inevitable seasons of change without fear.  

As you watch this video, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you lead. 

Read 2 Timothy 1:7. Christine talked about embracing the inevitable changes that come into our lives without fear and gave the example of her own transition from singleness to married life and then parenthood. What changes are bringing you anxiety?
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Christine compared the Israelites journey to the promised land with cycles of change in our own life. There is change, a red sea parts, time in the wilderness and then promised land. What part of this cycle are you in now? What do you need to trust God with in your life?
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Are things predictable in your life? Are you getting to comfortable? Where is God nudging you to change?
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Read Romans 12:2. The goal of Christianity is to continually change. Christine reminded us with the familiar phrase, "Let go and let God!"

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