When You Don't Know What to Say

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Leadership Network's Turning Points online experience includes 32 brilliant women sharing their stories of success and moments of failure as they faced the turning points in their own lives.  In this 4-minute video from the 2011 Turning Points experience, Sharon Epps, former EVP of Crown Financial Ministries and current leadership consultant for Women Doing Well, talks about how to recapture and reclaim relationships rocked by change.

As you watch this video, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you lead. 

Sharon said that turning points in relationships often feel like "unfinished conversation." For her, it happened in a project that suddenly ended. There was shock, pain and she felt like there was no closure. Describe a similar turning point in your life. Where do the relationships stand now?
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Sharon said, "sometimes when we don't know what to say, we don't say anything." And she encouraged us to reclaim a relationship by reaching out even when we don't know quite what to say. Who can you reach out to this week? What simple affirming statement can you start with?
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Sharon also talked about how death can also brings change without closure in a relationship and encouraged journaling. Is there a relationship you need to release? What would that look like for you?
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Let God put his stamp, "It is finished," on those conversations that have left you feeling uneasy. 

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