Get on the Master's Plan

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Leadership Network's Turning Points online experience includes 32 brilliant women sharing their stories of success and moments of failure as they faced the turning points in their own lives.  In this 3-minute video from the 2011 Turning Points experience, Dr. Tara Jenkins, founder of Ministry Mates and the wife of Pastor Charles Jenkins of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church of Chicago, talks about how God changed the plans she had for her life.

As you watch this video, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you lead. 

Tara used the analogy of the blinking turn signal indicating one direction yet the car turned the other direction in talking about how our plans can be different that God's plans for our lives. Look back on your life and write down the times that God changed your plans.
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Tara quoted Jeremiah 29:11 to remind us of the love God has in his plans for us. Take a moment to re-read that verse. What fears do you have in your present plans? In your future?
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Tara suggested to write down the plans you have, lift those plans to the Lord, and ask him to shake off everything that is not in his plans. What is shaking out of your plans? What desires is God placing in your heart?
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Read Psalm 37:4 and make it a turning point to get off your plan and get on the Master's plan! 

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