Andy Stanley interviews John Maxwell


Pastor Andy Stanley interviews Author and Leadership Expert John Maxwell at the Catalyst Conference. In the 19-minute interview, Maxwell explains what it takes to leave a legacy in your ministry.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your ministry.

John mentioned that a key decision early on during the beginning of Catalyst was to give a platform to younger leaders. Who are some younger leaders that you can pour into? How can you give these leaders a larger platform?
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John talked about the different ministries that he has started and that he always had the mentality that he needed to build them so that they would flourish even if he wasn't there to lead them. What can you do in your ministry to ensure that it will succeed beyond your presence and leadership?
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John said: "You can keep what you start, but if you keep it and don't give it away, it won't be much when you end. The only way for it to ever get better is for you to remove yourself from the picture." Is there any aspect of your ministry that you would say you are keeping and not giving away? What are some specific steps you can take to give it away?
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John made a case that working a process is more valuable than finding a shortcut. Can you think of a time in your ministry where you saw this played out? When have you seen the process provide more fruit than you ever imagined?
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John said a prayer at the end of the interview for all of the leaders at Catalyst. Spend some time praying for the leaders in your ministry.

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