Who's Going to Miss You?

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Leadership Network's AHA! online experience includes 40 exceptional leaders sharing their "Aha!" moments—those moments when the light bulb went on with a critically important idea or realization. In this 6-minute video from the 2010 AHA! experience, Devin Hudson, Lead Pastor of Grace Point Church in Las Vegas, talks about connecting people to the gospel. 

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you lead. 

Devin's "aha" moment came when he realized it's a both/and with an attractional vs. incarnational model of church structure. Which structure is your church? Is one or the other working in your context to bring people to Jesus and transform lives? Are there ways to improve?
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How are you equipping and unleashing your people to take Christ into their communities? How are they connecting people to the gospel? Are there ways to improve?
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If your church was taken out of your community, would anyone miss it other than the people who regularly attend? How are you making your community a better place? How are you making an impact for Jesus?
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If we will be Jesus, if we will live the gospel, then God will bring people into our paths. An we'll be given a way to talk and share the gospel which will allow the gospel to transform us, our families, the Church and the community. 

For information about Leadership Network and their one day events, go to leadnet.org.