Walking With or Walking For?

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Leadership Network's AHA! online experience includes 40 exceptional leaders sharing their "Aha!" moments—those moments when the light bulb went on with a critically important idea or realization. In this 5-minute video from the 2010 AHA! experience, Pete Briscoe, Senior Pastor of Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, Texas, talks about the difference between walking with Jesus and working for Jesus.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you lead.  

Pete said that his "aha" moment came at a point when he was very discouraged and heard a speaker say, "I have a theory why so many pastors burn out. They start out walking with Jesus and end up working for Jesus. They run out of gas." 

How are you doing in your ministry life? Are you working in the flesh? Are you walking with Jesus or working for Jesus?
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Pete said he prayed to God, "I need a touch of your love." What do you need in your ministry life now?
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How is your intimate walk with Jesus? What will you do this week to come to grips with God's scandalous love for you?
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May you be overwhelmed with the love that Jesus has for you. 

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  ~John 3:16  (NIV)

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