Building a Strong Foundation

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In this 3 minute session from Leadership Network's 2010 SAGE Conference, Robert Lewis, pastor and President and Executive Director of LifeReady, answers the questions, "What things have you done, that if given the chance, you would do differently?"

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

Robert gave us four directives that God gave for building His society. He said that he would be ruthless about:

  • Building godly men and women.
  • Building a marriage program.
  • Building a parenting program.
  • Building people who evangelize and serve.

Look over those four. Which areas do you currently do well? Which areas need some attention in your ministry?
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Robert challenged us to "concentrate on foundation building more than the show." How much of your effort and resources go toward the Sunday morning service? Should you consider re-allocating some of your time and resources to better equip your congregation in these four foundations? How might you do that?
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What can you do this coming month to start to invest in all four of these directives in your church?
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Take a moment and ask for God's direction and wisdom as you consider the focus of your ministry. You have the opportunity to powerfully impact men, women, marriage, children, your community, and the world with the message and hope of Jesus Christ.

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