God's Number One Agenda

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In this 6 minute session from Leadership Network's 2010 SAGE Conference, Chip Ingram, author, Senior Pastor of Venture Church in Los Gatos, CA, and president of Living on the Edge—an international teaching and discipleship ministry, answers the questions, "What things have you done, that if given the chance, you would do differently?"

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

Chip mentioned the importance of spending time with God in prayer and in His Word. Chip said that he memorized Scripture and journaled. How do you spend time with God? If you don't currently journal, consider trying it for the next month.
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Chip warned us of how easy it is to let our gifts and charm carry us through ministry, but that what God really wants is "to work in you before he works through you." In what areas of your life is God currently working "in" you? How is God asking your to grow and mature?
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Chip also mentioned his strong desire to please people, which led to extended hours at work and difficulty in marriage. How can you keep a healthy balance to ministry and family?
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If you are struggling in your marriage, who can you go to? Which godly, reputable marriage counselor can you make an appointment to see? If you are resistant to counseling, honestly consider why.
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Chip concluded with this challenge, "Size is not what determines if your ministry is effective or not." May you continue to be faithful to God and cultivate your relationship with Him and your family, and leave the "growth" of your ministry to Him.

For information about Leadership Network and their one day events, go to http://leadnet.org.