Fewer Punches, More Impact

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In this 6 minute session from Leadership Network's 2010 SAGE Conference, Dale Burke, Senior Pastor at First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, CA, answers the questions, "What things have you done, that if given the chance, you would do differently?"

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

Dale encouraged us to "slow down in order to speed up!" He offered four practical tips to maximize our effectiveness in ministry:

  1. Please less, but focus on pleasing the One who matters most!
  2. Do less, but focus on the main things more. 
  3. Do less, but focus on your main things more. 
  4. Do less, but focus on your main people more. 

Most of us, on some level, want to please others. How can you focus on pleasing the One who matters most? What are you doing right now primarily to gain the attention and approval of others? What is God calling you to say and model that may not be popular in your context, but will bring honor and glory to His name?
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What steps can you take this week to courageously step out in faith and focus on pleasing God the most?
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What is your church's main thing—the activities that make your church healthy? How can you focus more of your time and resources on the main thing?
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What programs or activities are taking away from the main thing, and therefore may need to go?
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Dale reminds us that we have limitations. God designed us to do some things really well. What is your unique gift? How can you maximize your time and effort toward doing what you do really well? What can you delegate to someone else?
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How do you feel about Dale's suggestion to focus on your main people more…to invest in the people that matter most? Why? Doesn't everyone matter? On some level that may go against your instinct, but really consider how Jesus modeled this in His life.
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Consider those people that are closest to you. Who are you intentionally building up to lead in some capacity, whether in your church or to be sent out to minister to others? Are there enough people in your "inner circle"? If your circle is too small, consider who you can add. If you have the right balance, then how can you focus more of your time on those in your inner circle who will have the most impact?
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As you consider how and with whom you spend the bulk of your time, where does your family fit in? Do you intentionally carve out time to spend with your spouse? How about your kids? What might you do different to make sure your immediate family—those who are truly closest to you—don't get short changed?
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Dale started out by saying that ministry is more like boxing than street fighting, where each punch is calculated and powerful. Continue to seek God's wisdom as you focus your life and ministry.

For information about Leadership Network and their one day events, go to http://leadnet.org.