Hard Work, Homework, and Heart Work

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In this 6 minute session from Leadership Network's 2010 SAGE Conference, Wayne Cordeiro, founding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii, answers the questions, "What things have you done, that if given the chance, you would do differently?"

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

When Wayne was just starting out, a wise person encouraged him to find a veteran mentor. Wayne said that he was able to learn through someone else's mistakes and that saved him from making countless mistakes in his own ministry.

If you are just starting out in ministry, who is your veteran mentor? If you don't have one, take a moment to pray and ask for God's wisdom and guidance as you identify one. Jot down your thoughts on who might be important for you to connect with.
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Wayne encouraged us to find a mentor that doesn't attend our local church. Do you agree or disagree with this suggestion? Why?
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Wayne said that one thing he'd do all over again was to maintain his daily devotions. How are you doing at spending time alone with God? Is that easy for you, or a struggle? What can you do differently to make sure you keep this a priority throughout your life?
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Wayne also encouraged us to "work harder on your self than you do on your ministry." What does that look like for you? Where is God asking you to make an attitude adjustment?
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Wayne said that we need to work on our family and marriage. It's so easy, in the business of ministry, to neglect our family. How are you doing in this area? Take time this week to ask your spouse how he or she thinks you are doing in this area! Make sure to listen to their response without being defensive.
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Wayne said that it takes hard work, homework and heart work to develop as a young leader. There are no short cuts. Take some time this week and pray. Ask God to help give you vision as you set your priorities. Then ask for His strength to be diligent to follow Christ as you lead others.

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