What Happens When Christians Succeed

2012 Work as Worship Conference

In this 28 minute session from the 2012 Work as Worship Conference, Dave Ramsey talks about five things that happen in the marketplace when Christians succeed. Dave is a personal money-management expert and popular national radio personality. He is the author of best-selling books including, Financial Peace, EntreLeadership, and The Total Money Makeover. Dave explains the importance of taking on the characteristics of God and the impact that has on our success in business.

Take a look at this profile of Bridgeway Capital Management, an investment management firm that  vigilantly pursues integrity and financial responsibility.

It's encouraging to see how a successful business is founded on openly Christian principles of integrity and financial responsibility. And their goal of giving 50% of profits away to charity provides a great place to work and a model to others.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you work.

Dave listed some characteristics of God that create success and wealth such as, excellence, service and discipline. He also talked about research which proved that the primary indicator of wealth is extreme, radical integrity. We act who we are in and out of the marketplace. What characteristics of God do you see impacting your work? How?
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Dave gave this list of 5 things that happen in the marketplace when Christians succeed:
  1. We are able to witness to others with our excellence.
  2. We become a provision.  
  3. We are able to move the "financial needle."
  4. We can expect criticism.
  5. We take over a section of the marketplace. (Displacement Theory)

Do you consider yourself successful? Why or why not? What in that list supports your reasoning?
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How do others view your work? With excellence? Do they know that you are modeling characteristics of God?
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With your success, what are you doing financially that you otherwise could not? What would you like to do?
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Have you experienced criticism because of your success? From whom? How did/do you react? Is there something that Dave said that encourages you?
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Dave said, "Winning is our calling." As you succeed with integrity, excellence, service and discipline (not gossiping or bringing others down) how can you encourage others around you? How will you let God work through you? What specifically will you do this month?
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In the work week ahead, take care of your own, your overflow will take care of others. (If your cup never overflows, it's too big!)  

In his session, Dave referred to Bonnie Wurzabacher's talk from the 2012 Work as Worship Conference. You can find it in the Work as Worship Leadership Event channel titled  "Bringing Meaning to Our Work featuring Bonnie Wurzbacher" or click here

For information about the upcoming Work as Worship Conference, go to workasworshipconference.org