Social Justice and the Gospel

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In this 3 minute session from Leadership Network's 2012 The Nines Conference, John Burke, Lead Pastor at Gateway Community Church in Austin, TX, talks about the need for churches to proclaim the gospel and meet people's tangible needs. 

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your role.

John Burke looks to Jesus, who met people's physical needs and offered salvation. Where do you stand on this issue of the church's responsibility to proclaim the gospel and meet physical needs? How do you and your church do both right now?
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What do you think of John's idea to get non-Christians involved in your church's service projects? Is this something you do or will try to do? Why or why not?
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Read James 2:14–17. What might God be calling you and your church to do in order to meet the needs of those in your church, your community, and around the world?
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Take some time this coming week to ask God to show you some areas of need where your church can make a powerful impact in the lives of others for His glory.

Leadership Network's The Nines Conference

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