The Balance Every Leader Needs featuring John Bisagno

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Dr. John Bisagno is the retired pastor of the 22,000-member First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas. He is the author of 25 books, including the best seller, The Power of Positive Praying. He formerly served as the President of the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference. In this 27 minute session from the 2012 SEND Conference, John talks about the balance that every leader needs.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your ministry.

John discussed 8 areas of balance that every leader needs to address.
1. Balancing Hard Work And Prayer
2. Balancing Family and Ministry
3. Balancing Dreams and Reality
4. Balancing Leadership
5. Balancing Personality and Character
6. Balancing Your Ministry Style
7. Balancing Doctrine
8. Balance Between the Problem and the Potential

What did you think when John said he spends one hour in prayer each morning? How are you doing at balancing hard work and prayer?
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Do you struggle balancing family and ministry? What does your ministry do to promote balance in these areas?
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What did you think about John's advice to balance your ministry style? Is your ministry both seeker sensitive and theologically sound?
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John mentioned that at his retirement, the church gave him a book full of 800 stories of people sent out from First Baptist Houston under his leadership. Who are some of the names that would be in your book? What names need to be added?
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Pray for God to give you balance in your leadership and your ministry.

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