When God Births a Church featuring Vance Pitman

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Vance Pitman is the Pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV.  In this 31 minute session from the 2012 SEND Conference, Vance talks about God's plan to use churches to build his kingdom.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your ministry.

Do your people view themselves as members of a church or citizens of a kingdom? How can you create a more kingdom-minded culture in your ministry context?
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Vance challenged us to use our churches to engage the nations and gave the following three suggestions:

1. Every church should cultivate a heart for the kingdom by praying
2. Every church should prioritize the kingdom by sending
3. Every church should invest in the kingdom by giving

What are your prayer strategies in your ministry? Are you seeing hearts cultivated? What's working? What needs to improve?
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What can your ministry do to prioritize the kingdom by sending?
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In what ways is your ministry generous in its giving?
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Pray for the people in your ministry to see themselves as a part of God's bigger plan to build His kingdom.

Information about the SEND Conference
For information about the upcoming SEND Conference, go to sendconference.com.