How Does Downloading Videos for Offline Playback Work?

Offline Playback Basics

Offline Playback for RightNow Media content is now available in the iOS and Android apps! You are now able to download content to your mobile device for viewing offline.

Download videos straight from any series page using the “Download All” button at the top or clicking the download button to the right of each individual video you want to watch offline.

You can then view any of your downloaded content with the download icon at the bottom of the app. From here, you can see how much content has been downloaded and how much available space is on your device.

Here are a few other things to know about Offline Playback before you get started:

  • Not all videos are available for offline playback. A series is available for download if there’s a download button on the series page. You can download each session individually or the entire series.

  • Downloaded content will be available for offline playback for fourteen days.  After two weeks, a red exclamation mark will be displayed next to downloaded videos indicating that the content has expired.  At that point, the video will not be available for offline playback until the user taps the expired icon when they have internet access.  Tapping the expired icon will simply renew the access to the video, not re-download it.

  • Users can delete downloads from their device at any time, however, the app will automatically delete content that has been expired for sixteen days.  When videos have been deleted from the device, they will have to be re-downloaded to re-gain offline access. Videos will stay on a user’s phone for thirty days unless the user removes them before they expire.

  • Downloads are limited to twenty sessions per device. In order to download more sessions, you must remove current downloads from the app.