Facilitating Online Small Groups Using RightNow Media

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For both recommended paths below, we recommend that the group members find a way to communicate through chat or video conferencing to facilitate discussion about the video session, and to work through any available leader’s guides or study guides. 
There are many different ways to connect online as a group, so find a platform that works best for your group - Facebook Messenger, iMessage, GroupMe, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts…etc. 
Here are two recommended paths for running a small group remotely - 
#1 - Like a book club, each attendee would be responsible for finding a time throughout the week to watch a specific video session from RightNow Media. They can do this from their own computer or mobile phone. And they have the opportunity to find a time that works best for them, whether that’s over lunch, after the kids go to bed, first thing in the morning…etc. Then the group would determine a time that they would all gather online to discuss the videos. 
#2 - The group can agree to login to RightNow Media at the same time and watch the video session together even though they are not in the same location. In some cases, the group may want to already be connected via one of the chat apps or video conference and have the ability to chime in during the video, but in most cases, the discussion would begin after each member has finished the video in their own location. 
For the best user-experience, each person should login to their own RightNow Media account and view the content for themselves directly from their own device. To align with copyright laws, RightNow Media content should not be broadcast over video conferencing applications (the quality wouldn't be that great for the viewer going this route anyway).
If you have any questions about facilitating online small groups, or would like to learn more about how to take advantage of RightNow Media, please feel free to reach out to our coaching teams by calling 972-560-4000.