7 Secrets to Being an Influence

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God has called you to influence others for Christ. Listen as Jaye Martin shares seven secrets to using your influence to bring others closer to Christ. Jaye Martin serves as the Women's Evangelism strategist of the North American Mission Board. She is the author of You are a Masterpiece, HeartCall and has contributed chapters in Women Reaching Women and Transformed Lives. Jaye also serves on the Advisory Board for Christianity Today's Gifts for Leadership.

Take a moment to look back over this list that Jaye explained: 
  • 1. Be Faithful with Small 
  • 2. Passionate Aim 
  • 3. Have Integrity 
  • 4. Sharp Decision-Making 
  • 5. Courageous Risk-Taking 
  • 6. Relational Networking 
  • 7. Share Your Secrets

Which of these ways do you practice regularly? Do any come more easily to you? Share an example.
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Which of these ways are uncomfortable for you or you do not know how to implement? Please explain.
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What is your passion? How are you following God's direction in your passion?
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How are you networking with others? Who is pouring into your life? What are you learning?
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Who are you mentoring? How are you sharing your secrets of influence with them? How can you start or continue this week?
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You are an influence maker and important in the mission of the church. May God bless you in your faithfulness and as you trust in the Lord.