Welcome to the RightNow Media Team

We are here to Serve the Church

Our ministry exists to serve the church. We want to create and provide the best video resources to help disciple and equip people to live their faith out. 

We Aim for Transformation

If RightNow Media exists to serve the church with video resources, then we have to ask the question, “What do we hope happens because of all the work we are doing?” The simple answer is transformation. 

A Brief History of Our Ministry

For over forty years our ministry has created high-quality video content with a message—the church's mission matters. We want to continue providing relevant content that equips people to live out their faith. 

What is our Mission and Core Values?

Our mission is to work with the global church to inspire people to love others before self and Christ above all. 

We believe the mission of the church matters. Everything we do at RightNow Media is rooted in Jesus’s promise that God will change the world through his people. We’re here to serve the church. We want to provide God’s people across the globe with resources that will inspire them to champion the mission Jesus gave his people. The hope of the gospel calls us to something beyond ourselves. Whether in church, in the workplace, or at home, we want to see disciples of Jesus loving God and loving others. 

Core Values

RightNow Media Originals

Our video and publishing teams create thirty-five to forty major resources each year.  I would encourage you to download the RightNow Media app and enjoy these resources for your personal development or with your family .  Our RightNow Media originals are all featured here. You can see a few samples of what we do below.

We have discovered that our most popular resources simply take people through a book of the Bible.  Here’s the trailer for a project with filmed with Francis Chan in Israel as he taught through the Gospel of Mark. 

How We Help Churches Launch RightNow Media

RightNow Media equips the church with tools to transform the lives of their people every day of the week, not just on Sundays. With more than 20,000 videos, RightNow Media offers the world’s largest and most trusted library of on-demand biblical video content that’s full of resources to help people throughout the week. With RightNow Media, church staff will find more time to do the ministry that they are called and gifted to do and their small groups will be stronger and more meaningful. 

We are very intentional to go through the church and not around the church.  We have avoided individual subscriptions because we believe there is power when the local church equips its own people.

Churches across the country will launch RightNow Media by getting on stage and telling their congregation about this gift that they want to give to every member.  This video is what thousands of churches have used to help tell the story to their church.

We send churches, schools, ministries and businesses to this page for help on how to effectively launch RightNow Media to their people. 

Work as Worship

 A growing passion of ours is helping people see that their faith isn’t limited to Sunday and their work isn’t in opposition to their worship. We've created several resources to help the church live out the Christian faith in the workplace.

Check out this short video that explains what we mean when we say, “Work is worship.” 

We have a version of RightNow Media that we created specifically for Christian business leaders to use within their companies.  We know that these leaders care about their people and want to help them be better both at work and at home. Businesses can subscribe to RightNow Media @ Work and provide the video library to their entire staff.

Check out the homepage here


Since 2004, our ministry has enjoyed hosting events for church leaders from across the world.  There’s something special when people dedicate time out of their busy lives to come together to both worship and learn about God.

Check out the RightNow events page for an overview of the different events we host each year.

You can watch previous years’ conferences here

Welcome to the RightNow Media Conference

The Global Influence of RightNow Media

We are thrilled that God is opening up the doors for us to serve churches around the world. 

We want to partner with local pastors and teachers across the world in order to bring the transformational power of the screen to international believers as well. We have been working to translate content to Spanish and find additional content to add to our Spanish library.


We also have passionate leaders in India, Nigeria, Latin America, United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia proactively working to serve churches in those parts of the world.  We have a growing number of churches now subscribing to RightNow Media from around the world.  Our team here in McKinney is working alongside producers in other parts of the world to create content with great teachers from those regions. Below is an example of what we have released in India.

Our Vision Story

In order to put all the pieces together, we've created a vision story for RightNow Media. It paints a picture of what we believe God has both called and equipped us to accomplish as we move into the future. 

You can read more about our vision or the seven milestones that Brian mentioned here

Ministry or Business?

At RightNow Media we see ourselves as ministry. Our model of ministry has allowed us to both generate revenue to be self-sustaining as well as continue serving the church in a way that makes our content accessible to as many believers as possible. 

Let's get Started!

Welcome to the RightNow Media Team! 

Do you have any questions that we can answer for you? Your team leader is always available to address any questions you may have concerning anything in this course, as well as walk you through the day-to-day dynamics of your team.

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