Cutting Through the Clutter

2010 Echo Conference

In this 50 minute session from the 2010 Echo conference, Jon Acuff talks about three things he's learned about communicating a message through the social media. Jon is the best-selling author of Quitter and Stuff Christians Like. He is part of the Dave Ramsey team, speaking to businesses, colleges and nonprofits.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact the way you communicate.

Jon listed three things he's learned about what the rhythm of social media is built on:
  • Surprise 
  • Patience 
  • Honesty

Jon talked about how a storyteller can use surprise (not shock) to get the truth or core of the message to stick. The hook for your message needs to be different in order to break through the 3500 other messages we hear every day. How are you going to stand out?
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Jon also talked about how "overnight success" is deceptive because a person has put in the work and effort for a long time before recognition. What is frustrating you right now?
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Jon referred to Exodus 13, where we learn that God led the Israelites the long way around because they weren't ready. He called it "the gift of the desire road." What are you learning in your time of waiting?
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Jon encouraged us to be "vital instead of viral." What part of the truth could you be leaving out of your story or message as you compromise to get a wider audience?
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Jon said that honesty is more important than talent; we are exposed to an overabundance of talent every day. Are you only honest about your "safe" sins? Why are you afraid to be honest?
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Are you trying to fix your own fears and failings? Do you feel like you have to be better or cleaned up before you can give your message? Christ wants our brokenness! What can you bring to Christ?
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Jon said we're in the middle of a mustard seed revolution. The internet is tearing down the walls and the smallest message can go worldwide. Put out that "little thing" in the rhythm of social media that can change the world!

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