Speaking the Language of Our Culture featuring Dan Merchant

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In this 45 minute session from the 2010 Echo conference, Dan Merchant talks about effectively communicating our message with authenticity. Dan is an author and filmmaker who has created television projects for Fox, Warner Bros. and Paramount. He wrote, directed and produced the feature documentary Lord, Save Us From Your Followers. 

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact how you communicate.

Dan talked that our "language" is based on our interests and what we're good at. His language is music, movies and basketball. What speaks to you? What is your language?
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We build common bonds in the way we communicate. It connects us with others, they connect with us and God connects with us. Dan talked about really seeing God for the first time hearing a riff of "Satisfaction." Where do you see God? Explain. How has that brought you closer to God? How has that connected you with others?
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Dan showed a short clip from his feature documentary "Lord, Save us from Your Followers" where people were answering the question, "What are Christians known for?" From their answers, could you tell who might not be a believer and who was? Why?
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What do you think Christians are known for? Why?
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Dan talked about how Christians retreated somewhat after the Scopes trial and we started making our own Christian books, movies and events. Christians are "entertaining the choir" instead of "fishing for men." How are you reaching out and connecting beyond the Christian bubble? What is the common language you use to connect, share and reconcile others to Christ? (Are you authentic?)
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The language the whole world understands is the Message of Jesus Christ. Nobody misunderstands love and compassion. When someone feels the love of God, it changes the journey they are on. 

We're God's plan. It's our job to embody and reflect that love.

For information or to purchase tickets to experience next year's Echo Conference live, go to echoconference.com.