Establishing a Church Planting Culture

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Have you ever planted a church? In this training post, Mike McDaniel, Director of SendRU and the Church Planting Pastor at the Summit, talks about three ways to establish a church-planting culture in your own church.

Before Mike shares some practical advice, take a look at this video which reminds us of how important the work of God's church really is.

The mission of the church really does matter. God has chosen His people to be His hands and feet to a hurting world. That message alone should inspire us to passionately pursue expanding God's Kingdom on earth through faithful service in planting churches.

Mike said that in order for your church to plant another church, it couldn't be just a program, but needed to be part of the culture you create. Let's be really honest with ourselves for a moment. What "excuses" or challenges do we usually bring up in order to put off considering this bold step? How can we surrender those issues and be totally open to God's leading in this area?
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Mike gave three essentials for creating a church-planting culture.
  1. Cast a Vision
  2. Make Disciples
  3. Develop Leaders

As you consider those three points, which ones have you done? Where is there room for growth?
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Think about the members of your church. Who might you consider to develop as a leader that you may have overlooked?
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What can you do, starting right now, to get you on the path toward planting a church?
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Church planting can seem like a daunting task, but take the time to start developing a church-planting culture in your church and see what God will do!

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