Building Confidence in Your Team

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As a church planter, you have vision and enthusiasm. You are passionate about what God has called you to do. How do you pass that along to the team around you? Take a look at how this leader motivates and inspires.

What influences you to do your best? How can you inspire others to be their best? In this video, Mac Lake, Chief Launch Officer for Launch Network, challenges church planters to praise progress, not perfection.

Take an honest look at your leadership style. Do you find it tempting to catching people doing wrong? Have you fallen into a habit of finding fault? How is the moral of your team?
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Write down some of the good qualities about the people on your team. What are they doing right? What is their potential? Consider finding a way to praise each of them specifically this week.
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Look at the confidence and moral of those you work with. Find out who feels deflated and why. Mac said that you can't do much with a "warm body" but you can change the world with a soul on fire.

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