Just 3 Questions about Leadership with Geoff Surratt

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Have you ever wondered how someone becomes a great leader? In the Just 3 Questions series, we’ve asked some of today’s top leaders three simple questions about leadership.

Geoff Surratt is the Managing Director of Exponential. In this first video, he answers, “Who is the best leader you have ever sat under and why were they so good?”

Geoff's brother taught him that relationship was far more important and valuable than rules. Consider your organization. Would the people you lead say that relationship or rules are more important to you? How do you reinforce the importance of relationship in your organization?
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What does a "grace and mercy-filled environment" mean to you? Does that mean you can't hold people accountable? How does grace and mercy work with expectations?
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In this next clip, Geoff answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to develop leaders?”

What are the things that Jesus did to develop the leaders He chose? Geoff mentioned a few things, like hand picking them, living with them, challenging them, sticking by them through the hard times, but what else? Is that how you grow leaders? Why or why not?
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If you've never done it, take some time this week or month to read through the Gospels with a specific eye toward how Jesus interacted and developed the twelve disciples. Find a journal or place to write out your findings, and then pray over them. What might God be saying to you through this exercise?

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In this next video, Geoff answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to develop yourself as a leader?”

Geoff gave us three things that he does to develop himself:

  • Read leadership books.
  • Spend with with other leaders and ask them good questions.
  • Accept challenging leadership opportunities.

What's the best leadership book you've ever read? Consider going back and re-reading it again. What leadership book will you read next?
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Which leader in your community can you reach out to and begin to establish a relationship with? What good questions about leadership might you ask them?
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Geoff's last point is really compelling. What challenging leadership opportunities might you have overlooked? Do you usually embrace these opportunities, or shy away from them? Why?
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In this final "bonus" clip, Geoff answers the question, “What is the most important thing you do to strengthen your Christian faith on a daily basis?”

Geoff said, "I don't develop my faith. God does that for me." How do you feel about his answer? What situations has God put you in that have developed your faith?
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If our job is to respond correctly, then what things can we do to be prepared to respond in a way that pleases the Lord?
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No two people lead exactly the same way, but there are sound leadership principles that can help you become all the leader God has planned you to be. May God grant you wisdom and grace as you lead others in His service.