Storytelling is Ministry

2009 Echo Conference

In this 60-minute session from the 2009 Echo conference, Mark Steele talks about the importance of combining  our calling and skills with our own story of redemption to be effective in the transformation of others. Mark is the Founder and President of Steelehouse Productions. He is a speaker, comedian, film writer/director and Founder/President of Steelehouse Productions. He is the author of Flashbang, Half-Life/Die Already, Christianish and Ounce of God.

As you watch this session, take notes and write down thoughts about how this session can impact your calling.

Mark talked about how our calling in writing, tech, performance, preaching and creative areas are all ministry, but at the heart of each of those callings, we are all called to tell a story. Effective storytelling is community. People are transformed by the telling and hearing of story. And that is always ministry.

What do you do; what is your calling? Do you consider it a ministry? How does "story" fit into your calling?
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Mark also defined that ministry as surgery, "looking into the life of someone who doesn't know Jesus and being able to discern the cancer in their life." He said that we are called to carefully, compassionately and precisely love that cancer out. It is like welding a blade.

How does your calling "love the cancer out" of someone else?
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Read Matt. 13:34-35. Think of your last script, sermon, story, film, book or project. What was the story you brought out?
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How do you integrate the most personal and vulnerable parts of your real life, failings, redemption and rescue into your ministry?
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Mark read an engaging account of his own childhood, where he was using his own skills and calling, but not integrating God's story into that. He said, "if we're not pulling the 'cancer' out of someone else, it's not working!" Telling a story to "love the cancer" out of someone require showing in detail what their cancer is, risking being a part of their healing and turing their cancer into a story.

What is your story of transformation? What was your "cancer"? What are you dealing with right now? How can you use it in your calling?
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Read Matt. 10:38-39 again. Have you brought what is deep in your core into your calling? How? How can your story reach someone for Christ?
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Read Galatians 5:25-26 and think of how that applies to your life, your calling, your story. Be encouraged!

You've got a calling and skills. God needs that to transform this world. But it means absolutely nothing unless you see how Christ made you uniquely you and transformed you like no other person. He want you to tell that non-fiction story from the creative core of your heart.

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