The Importance of Sunday School

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Does being in a small group Sunday School really change anything or is it just something to do? Take a look at this funny video.

That is not what we're talking about!

Johnny Hunt, Pastor of First Baptist Church Woodstock talks bout the importance of Sunday School for education, training, challenge and sending.

Johnny gave the statistic that states, "in 6 month, unless you connect in a small group, you'll leave."

Are you involved in a small group? If not, how can you get connected?
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If you are a church leader, how do you help people connect in small group Sunday Schools? Is is working? Are you emulating the importance of small group Sunday Schools by connecting yourself?
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Johnny also mentioned that the church plants from his church naturally start through small group Sunday Schools. How can you implement that in your church or small group?
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Small group Sunday Schools have the enormous responsibility and privilege of providing discipleship, mission, outreach, community projects to educate, train, challenge and send God's people.
Let's not be shallow!

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