Serving is a Vital Gift

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How does a church really make a difference in a community? It takes all of us!

But sometimes it seems like special skills or talents are required to serve. This video is a reminder that a heart willing to love and serve is enough to change lives.

Have feelings of inadequacy kept you from letting God use you in service? Volunteers are vital to the Body. Where do you serve or thinking of serving? How can I can help you get involved?
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Johnny Hunt, Pastor of Atlanta-area First Baptist Church Woodstock, talks about the the importance for volunteer service as we share the message of Christ, where everybody does their part.

Johnny referred to Roman 12:6–8 that lists seven motivational gifts of the Church. What is your gift? (If you haven't discovered your area of giftedness, please let me know.) Johnny mentioned that the majority of the people fit in with serving. How can you use your gift in serving others?
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May God bless you as you serve with the love of Christ in your heart.