Building the Right Church by Using the "Wrong" People

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Churches today have a tendency to design a church around the talent and gifts of the few in visible leadership. David Platt, senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills, encourages us to invest in those who have access to the community and unleash them to bring Christ to the world. 

David said we need to be careful not to exalt those who have visible leadership and ignore those who have access in the community for Christ. He cautioned that when we focus on bringing people in to our church buildings, we incur more buildings and programs. Where is your focus? Do you find yourself bogged down with building and programs? What would you change?
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As a leader, how are you investing your life in others? How are you raising up people who are passing along the gospel where they live?
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Have feelings of inadequacy kept you from letting God use you? God has put His Spirit in you! What can you do to bring Him glory?
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May the Spirit of God encourage you. And may His glory be on display in the midst of our weaknesses. 

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