The Core Foundation for Church Planters

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Are you integrating the gospel in everything your church is doing? In this video clip, David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills and author of Radical talks about the core foundation for every pastor and church planter ... making disciples.

David talked about getting caught up in doing programs and activities, which are good things. He cautioned that these "good things" could keep pastors from giving themselves to what is best, which is making disciples. Are there some programs or activities which do not integrate the gospel in your church? How can these remain in place and focus on intentionally making disciples? Are there any that should be eliminated?
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David said that pastors should be "living, leading and longing for the end of the world." That's why we pastor and plant churches. Reaching a community is not the end goal, it is just the beginning. The goal is to make disciples who will make disciples. More and more will be mobilized until every tongue, tribe and nation have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What do you think of that statement about pastors? Is that your passion? How are you living, leading and longing for the end of the world?
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Does David's statement match the mission and goal of your church? How can you build the goal of making disciples who will make disciples into the DNA of your church?
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We cannot do the work ourselves. As David said, "The Word does the work!" As you lead your church, may you be totally dependent on God's Word to build the faith. And may His power be on display through you.

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