Every Disciple Making Disciples

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From the very beginning of Christianity, Jesus Christ called believers to be fishers of men; disciple-makers. In this video clip, David Platt, Senior Pastor of The Church at Brook Hills and author of Radical shares the New Testament command that all believers of Jesus Christ are to make disciples.

Referring to Matt. 4:19, David talked about how "going outward" was not a command for the super gifted or those with positions in the church. What do you think of that statement? Do you live or teach a message that evangelism is left to those with a particular gift or paid to preach and teach?
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As he talked about every disciple's responsibility to make other disciples, David focused on the three actions given in Matt. 28:19, known as The Great Commission.
  • Going
  • Baptizing
  • Teaching

David talked about how every believer has the Spirit of God in them for the purpose of leading others to Christ. What does that look like in your church? Does everyone feel the responsibility, burden and joy of sharing the gospel? What does that look like in your own life? How are you personally leading family, friends, neighbors, co-workers to Christ?
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David defined baptism as introducing a new believer into the Body of Christ as they publicly identify with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then showing them how to follow Christ. What does that look like in your church? What does that look like in your own life?
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Since the Great Commission is for all believers, then teaching each other how to obey the commands of Jesus is part of our responsibility also. What does that look like in your relationships? How do you use your conversations and relationships to teach and grow faith?
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As each disciple makes other disciples by sharing, showing and teaching, the result will be multiplying churches.