To Lead Others, First Lead Yourself

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Effectively leading a small group often comes down to how well you lead yourself. In this training post, Anne Cody, Director of Group Life at Trinity Church in Lansing, MI, gives practical and tangible ways to become a better leader by leading yourself well.

Before we hear from Anne, take a look at this fun video that highlights certain leadership characteristics that you might not actually be looking for!

Now, I like salsa as much as the next person, but when it comes to leading a small group, what are the things that really matter? Let's listen to Anne as she gives practical and challenging leadership advice.

Anne said that leading yourself well means:

  • 1. Taking responsibility for the choices you make every day.
  • 2. Setting your values and priorities and resolving to live by them.
  • 3. Choosing to think, speak, and act in obedience to Jesus Christ.

Take a moment to consider those three points. How intentional are you about following them? Where might you still have room to grow?
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Anne said that a small group leader's primary responsibility is to pursue Christ and love those in your group. She gave two practical ways to accomplish this based on how Jesus led the 12 disciples:

  • 1. Jesus focused on building relationship, especially by spending time with His Father.
  • 2. Jesus focused on building the Kingdom.

How intentional are you about building your relationship with Jesus Christ? John 15 says that without Christ we can do nothing, but many of us get busy with career, family, ministry, hobbies, etc. and it's easy to let our personal relationship with God slide to the bottom of the priority list. How can you keep your relationship with God your top priority? How can you find more time to spend in the Word and in prayer?
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Anne also talked about focusing on building God's Kingdom by serving others, by praying for others and by working to rectify some injustice. She gave two practical ways to do this:

  • 1. Intentionally build relationships with those in your group. Open your life up to your group members.
  • 2. Look for Kingdom potential in others.

How can you deepen your relationship with those in your group?
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Who in your group might you have passed over as having great Kingdom potential? How can you invest in them to help them become all God wants them to be?
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As you wrap up this training post, take a moment to reflect on the following questions:

  • Are you the kind of leader others should follow?
  • If others in your group follow you, where will they end up?

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