Leading the “The Dream of You” featuring Jo Saxton

Leading the “The Dream of You” featuring Jo Saxton

 You can find The Dream of You Bible study on RightNow Media here.


In this 6-session Bible study based on her book, author and speaker Jo Saxton examines biblical figures and shares her personal story as she invites you to turn to the One who knows you intimately and loves you deeply. 

Jo Saxton is a speaker, author, and leadership coach. She is Founder of the Ezer Collective, an initiative that equips and invests in women leaders. She’s on the advisory board for Today’s Christian Woman and is a co-host of the popular podcast Lead Stories. Jo and her husband, Chris, have two daughters and live in Minneapolis.

Watch this trailer for an overview of the series. 

In this study, discover how to exchange an identity built on lies, guilt, and brokenness for your true child-of-God self. Listen to Jo share a few thoughts on how you can effectively lead your group through this content. 

Jo shares three primary thoughts regarding leading this study:
  1.  Give your group time to process, space to think. Don't feel like you have to have all the answers or be their counselor.
  2. Make sure you are taking care of yourself during the study. The content may trigger reactions of your own, so don't neglect them as you lead others.
  3. Finally, celebrate the breakthroughs you observe, and make sure you have fun on this journey to freedom.

Jo said the content may be difficult to internalize at first. How do you plan to allow your group members time and space to deeply consider the issues that come up?
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Jo encouraged you to take care of yourself during the study. In what ways can you prepare yourself ahead of time?
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What's your prayer for your group as you go through this study?
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 In every session, you'll hear from people who have experienced the deep struggles of life. Listen to Jennifer tell her story of addiction, surrender, and victory.

What stood out to you in Jennifer's story?
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Discovering our true identity in Christ will bring freedom and joy. Pray for your group as you start off the study. Pray that they would know God and his love more through this study. 

 You can find The Dream of You Bible study series on RightNow Media, here.