Leading "The Struggle is Real" Featuring Nicole Unice

"The Struggle is Real" Bible Study Featuring Nicole Unice

You can find The Struggle is Real Bible study series on RightNow Media, here.  

In this series, Nicole Unice explores the idea that Jesus wants to turn our story of struggle into a story of redemption. When He becomes the main character of our story, our stories are reinterpreted from struggle and sorrow to grace and redemption. 

Nicole Unice is a speaker, author, Bible teacher, and pastor at Hope Church. She serves as the Ministry Director of Praxis, a full-time ministry residency program, at Hope Church. Nicole received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from the College of William and Mary and a Master's degree in Christian Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Nicole and her husband, Dave, have three children.

Watch this trailer for an overview of the series.

With God as the hero of the story, a hard day has new meaning. We can find joy in him instead of feeling stuck. And our lives can be defined by redemption instead of struggle.

Listen to Nicole's encouragement for you as you lead this series.  

Nicole shared four pieces of advice for leaders as they lead The Struggle is Real Bible study.
  • As a leader, you are in ministry.
  • Keep in step with the Spirit and ask him to guide you as you lead your group.
  • Create a place where it's safe to be human.
  • Ask God to help you engage at the level where your people are. 

Nicole said as group leaders, we are in ministry. What difference does it make to you to know that you're stepping into a ministry role as you lead this group?
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Nicole encouraged us to keep in step with the Spirit. He's the one who will guide us to lead well. What's one thing you can do to remind yourself to follow the Spirit's guidance as you lead your group?
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It's also our responsibility as the leader to create a safe space for the people in our group. What could you do to create a space where people feel safe to share their stories?
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Nicole also spoke about meeting the people in the group where the are. Where do you think the people in your group are with God? What could you do to meet them where they are?
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What's your prayer for your group as you go through this study?
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In every session, you'll hear from people who have experienced the deep struggles of life. Listen to Ashley and Caleb tell their story of battling severe health problems.  

What stood out to you from Ashley and Casey's story?
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The struggle might be real, but we serve a God who has endured pain, suffering, and death to bring redemption to our lives. In Christ, we have hope. Pray for your group as you start off the study. Pray that they would know God and his love more through this study. 

You can find The Struggle is Real Bible study series on RightNow Media, here.