5 - Balance is Unattainable

Fresh Surrender

Throughout this course, Megan has encouraged women to pursue their unique giftings in the workplace with passion, find a supportive spouse, trust the Lord for the future, and surround themselves with friendships. In this final part, she takes the pressure off, telling women that balance is unattainable, so they don’t need to strive for it. 

We are called to daily obedience and fresh surrender. 

Are you attempting to find that elusive sense of balance? How has that failed?
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What are some ways you and your spouse, if you have one, consistently check in with and support one another?
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What is your practice of going to the Lord in prayer like? How do you continue to seek his guidance in your life, family, and career?
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God has promised to lead and guide us through every area of our lives, including family and career. We can be encouraged, knowing that he has gifted and called us for specific work, and provided friends to spur us on along the journey.  

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