4 - Community is Crucial

Surround Yourself With Friends

In the first three parts of the course, Megan talked about the way God desires to use women in the workplace, and the joy of having a supportive husband. One day at a time, we can trust God to fulfill his will for our lives. In part four, she reminds us of the need for other people along the way.  

Other believers keep us on track in our faith and encourage us to stay close to Christ. 

Is there a believer in your workplace who regularly encourages you? Why is his or her life inspiring?
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Who are you encouraging and inspiring? How do you personally encourage other believers at work to keep following Jesus?
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How do relationships with other Christians keep us close to God?
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We don’t have to live the Christian life alone, especially in the workplace. God has given us the gift of friendship with others who know and follow him. In the final part of the course, Megan takes the pressure off by busting the “work/life balance” myth.