1 - Many Roles For Women To Fill

Wired Uniquely

The church is quick to encourage women as wives, mothers, and friends, but does not always esteem working as a professional in a secular vocation. TV correspondent, author, and podcast host Megan Alexander reminds women that God has wired them to contribute to his Kingdom in unique ways.  

Both men and women are invited to be part of what God is doing in the world to bring his kingdom in every aspect of society. 

Have you ever felt as though the church was telling you to choose between a career and a family? How did you respond? Did you “choose,” or do both?
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What kind of support or training would help the church equip women for the workplace? How could you suggest this at your local church? How could you be a leader in seeing these efforts put in place?
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How could you pour into the next generation of young women to equip them for excellent careers as kingdom women?
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Women are poised to contribute in unique ways to usher in the kingdom of God through their lines of work in every industry and sphere of society. In part two, Megan speaks of what a gift a supportive husband can be for a wife who is called to work outside the home.