5 - Servant Leadership

Kindness is Key

In the first four parts of the course, Simon affirmed the importance of artistic professions, and highlighted the potential they have to deeply influence culture and affect ethical issues in our world today. In this final part of the course, Simon sheds light on the way in which a leader addresses these issues and takes a stand: in humble servant leadership.   

Jesus the Servant King is our greatest role model. Handling people in care and kindness brings the best out of others.  

What would servant leadership look like in your line of work and in your life? What are two specific actions you can take this week to begin to lead in this way?
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Why is kindness and humility so effective as a leadership strategy?
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How do you think this kind of leadership lends credibility to the changes in ethics and causes of justice a believer is working toward?
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Kindness is key in servant leadership. As we emulate the leadership style of Jesus, we pave the way for change and live in the manner that represents his kingdom. 

Creative professions and artistic industries are incredibly valuable. They have the opportunity to affect culture and usher in change in the important ethical issues that intersect these fields of work. God places his followers in every type of industry to bring his kingdom, following in the servant leadership style of Jesus. 

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