4 - Real, Kingdom Solutions

How Would Jesus Deal With This Issue?

In the first three parts of the course, Simon affirmed the importance of artistic professions, and highlighted the potential they have to deeply influence culture and affect ethical issues in our world today. In part four of the course, Simon continues to unpack what it means to care well for the people who are involved in the Fashion Industry.  

Often, the fashion industry sees people as a convenient vehicle to peddle a product and turn a profit. But the people involved, whether models or interns, are precious and need to be cared for. 

In what ways do you see people being used in less-than-humane ways in your own industry? How could you step up to put an end to this?
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Why do we have a responsibility as followers of Jesus to engage the unjust treatment we see, rather than turning a blind eye?
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Because of Christ, we value and care for all people. We bring the flavor of his kingdom when we treat others with justice and compassion.