3 - Fashion is the Front Line


In the first two sections of this course, Simon discussed the importance of creative fields of work, and reminded us of how many people and issues are encompassed by one such field, the fashion industry. In part three, Simon dives deeper into the responsibility the fashion industry has for fostering human dignity and respect in matters of image and identity.  

In the fashion industry, considerations must be made for esteeming the beauty of character and stopping judgment of other people. Because the work revolves around image and identity, there is a weight of responsibility.  

Simon said, “Image is where you dress to impress. Identity is where you dress to express.” How do you personally distinguish this difference? What do you hope to express with your clothing choices?
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Often, we accumulate baggage around how people see us. What baggage are you carrying? How can you release this to God and find freedom in what he says about your identity?
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What ideas do you have for how the fashion industry might put a stop to unrealistic image expectations, or harsh judgments of people’s appearance? How can you personally impact this kind of change in your own life and estimations of other people?
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Being a Christian means we treat others with respect, dignity, and love because they are made in the image of God and are loved by him. In part four, Simon will continue to unpack what it means to care well for the people who are involved in the Fashion Industry and also make a difference in international issues that need to be addressed.